A story of freshness

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Our history

Our founder Åsa has always been a big user of scented candles, but since most candles are made of paraffin (often disguised as 'blends') , made from genetically modified crops that are harmful to your health. 

She wanted to create beautiful non toxic candles with great quality and with fresh and delicious scents that you can place in any room in your home.


The formula of our candles is the perfect alchemy between all the different components in order to maximize the diffusion of the perfume ( all our candles contains at least 10% perfume) . The combustion of our soy wax candles does not hide the perfume but rather amplifies it. 

So today we can offer you these luxurious  candles that brings a fresh and delicious scents into your home. We promise you will enjoy that feeling that Aurore brings!